Aug 06 Tallinn tournament results Tuliné Ilves

Thank you all for coming and making this a memorable weekend! Special thanks to Mia Bira and Philip O’Connor who helped Estonian teams! Greatest thanks to the referee Tom McGrath

Congratulations to Stockholm ladies for tournament win and Helsinki guys for winning men’s friendly!

MVP was Aet Udusaar (Tallinn GAA).

Here are the results from Saturday:

1st game:
Tallinn 1-2 
Stockholm 3-3

2nd game
Tallinn 0-6
Stockholm 1-6

3rd game
Tallinn 0-2
Stockholm 0-8

1st game
Tallinn 0-1
Helsingi 3-5

2nd game
Tallinn 0-2 
Helsingi 2-6

3rd game
Tallinn 1-2 
Helsingi 1-9 

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